Sinners’ music is a drawing of life and its paradoxes. A delicate mix between dark realities and bright ideals. What things are, and what they could be. Colors transpiring through the darkness, in a new musical experience.
Eyes closed. But eye-opening.


Sinners Aalson Music

Aalson, passionate about soundtracks and electronic music, dream about creating his own. Therefore, he developed a personal techno music, gentle and harmonious, which he only performs live.
Released on Labo T (Teho’s label), and German label Steyoyoke (Soul Button's label, he had the opportunity to play alongside greats artists like Extrawelt, Teho or Kiasmos.

Sinners Abe Music


Abe was created during a cold night of winter on the island of Grimsey (Iceland), when Abe and its entourage witnessed the formation of nothern lights. It appeared as a revelation, a logic, a light in the lives of this group. From this time on, Abe's project became to try and recreate such a timeless moment through music.

 Developed outside of our modern world and its codes, Abe defends a dark but soulful techno, both simple and complex. Abe is now ready to share the very best of his work, that he describes as: "music painting a veil of hope upon a twisted society".

Cliff de Zoete

Cliff knows how to get the party started. His deep, melodic sounds will move you, both physically and mentally. His personality is reflected in both his music and his energy; playful, with an element of darkness.

Sinners Elska Music


Elska is one of those self-taught artists that directly tackled music creation and live performances. He dived deep into electronic music at the age of 18, with influences such as Stephan Bodzin or Fritz Kalkbrenner.
His music is both minimalistic and rich, subtle and driving, in a perfect mixture of organic rhythms and sensitive acoustic melodies.
Each of his tracks tell a story, in between euphoric themes and dark melancholic textures....

Mark Höffen

Sinners Mark Höffen

Music is just about feelings and perceptions, happiness and temper. Mark Höffen evolves inside this world to create his own vision of Melodic Techno, sometimes Electronica. Based on a groovy rhythmic and a deep bassline, his music is full of emotions.
Since 2016, Mark Höffen manages the label SMB records where he tries to promote young talents over seasons.


His deep amnesia deprives us of any info from his past. His memory never quite came back since he was found in front of a small Provence town’s public pool, in April of 2020. From his memories only remains this haunting rhythm that he tries to transcribe in his techno compositions. Wojmann often lives in the present but never in the past, and offers to electronic music the full power of his amnesia: a creativity that resists through time, since, well, the past is forgotten.